After working with hundreds of couples and families, I have learned that I am not for everyone. Before you book a session, please contact me so we can chat about your style and vision.  

Next step is to decide on a date and location for your session. I will suggest some locations that I know photograph well and provide good results. I have a selection to to choose from, so whether you are after a beach vibe, enchanted forest or a sunny grassy field, I got you covered.   

In case of poor weather we will reschedule.

 Keep your clothing neutral, simple, comfortable and weather appropriate. Avoid logos, baseball caps, bold patterns, neon or blacks. Think about complimentary, colours rather than trying to match with your family or partner. Choose a palette rather than a colour.  

I also have a complimentary lady’s wardrobe that you can view here. For a more in-depth look at my wardrobe guide click here. 

Because I strive to capture connection, I want you to focus on each other rather than focus on me and the camera, I will help you along the way with small gestures to help you connect with your family. Lots of cuddling, nuzzling and laughter, makes great photos and tells your own  unique story. 

Photography is all about the light. I usually try and have my sessions an hour or two before sunset or within an hour after sunrise.

This can be challenging for families with small children, but the soft light in these hours creates beautiful results and its really worth it. 

Session times are usually up to an hour of shooting time.  

I aim to delivery my galleries within 2 to 3 weeks of our session date, but will give a few preview shots shortly after the session. Galleries are sent via online link. All images are in high resolution and are professionally edited with care.  Download your gallery and print at your leisure!